Leah Shaw, Cashavelly Morrison, Aaron Burdett – Tickets – Deep South The Bar – Raleigh, NC – January 29th, 2016

Leah Shaw, Cashavelly Morrison, Aaron Burdett

Leah Shaw

Cashavelly Morrison

Aaron Burdett

Fri, January 29, 2016

Doors: 7:00 pm / Show: 8:00 pm

Deep South The Bar

Raleigh, NC

$10.00 - $12.00

This event is 21 and over

Leah Shaw
Leah Shaw
North Carolina native Leah Shaw has been drawn to music since early childhood. She was encouraged by her mother, who told her early on, "Music is a language for you." And she was right. Between church choir, high school drum line, a classical music degree, and early live performances in restaurants and wineries, music has been the common thread connecting Leah to everyone and everything.
"I'd taped original songs in high school and dreamed of playing on stage one day. I idolized musicians who wrote their own music and sang and played instruments; I noticed there were less women instrumentalists than singers and I remember wondering why that was and wanting to do it all." And she practically did, learning to play almost any instrument she picked up - piano, drums, bassoon, xylophone, guitar and finally, the harmonica. Attending James Madison University on a bassoon scholarship, her focus shifted away from songwriting until 2008 when tragic news hit her family and Leah went looking for an outlet. She dusted off her guitar and rediscovered her voice and a buried passion for singing and songwriting.
Working part time at a popular North Carolina winery, Leah assembled a band (affectionately referred to as The Winos) to play her favorite folk and blues covers, and built a solid fan base with a series of outdoor concerts. In 2011 she quit her job, packed a suitcase and her instruments and moved to New York City with the determination to improve her ability as an instrumentalist and singer, performing for anyone who would listen. Her favorite New York City venue is still the subway. "In the subways, I refined the art of overcoming awkwardness to play confidently in front of just about anyone. F Train people are my favorite." And it appears that she's a favorite among subway fans as well, often leaving subway rush hour with $100 in her guitar case.
With her new-found confidence, Leah has begun crafting her own original music while honing her performance skills. Combining her natural creativity and quirkiness with her love for blues and folk music, Leah aspires to incorporate the bassoon into her music. "I consider the bassoon my best instrument; at fourteen years it is my longest relationship. However, singing is my true love, and there is quite a bit to say."
Cashavelly Morrison
Cashavelly Morrison is an Americana folk singer and songwriter. She is currently working on her debut album The Kingdom Belongs to a Child, which will be out in September. Her songs blend together the traditions of American roots, the ballads of Appalachia, and represent a confessional gateway into loss and her deeply held values, notably the racial prejudices in the U.S. and the dire need for equal rights and empowerment for women.

Growing up in the coal mining town of Beckley, West Virginia, she wrote poems in her journal that combined truth and fiction. She began dancing from the age of three, leaving home when she turned 15 to study ballet at the UNC School of the Arts. She danced professionally, but as she grew older, she longed to rebel from the conformities and high societal expectations of female beauty she experienced in ballet. Her desire to express her thoughts and beliefs, like the voices of countless women, felt silenced. And before moving on to a more vocal outlet, her body followed the same muted fate when she broke her spine.

It was during six months of reduced mobility in a back brace that she began writing lyrics that would be the beginnings of her music. She went on to get her undergraduate and master’s degrees in writing, and for nearly a decade, she worked on a novel set in a coal mining town in West Virginia. Her writing fused with her newly developed music skills, which allowed Cashavelly Morrison to unravel her novel into a song. Having broken down the walls that restrained her, she discovered that through music, she could express the entirety of her creative force.

While in college, she met Ryan MacLeod, who was completing his degree in Classical Guitar. He introduced her to old-time mountain music and Jean Ritchie, who would become Cashavelly’s biggest influence. They got married, and began collaborating together while overcoming insecurities—Cashavelly of her voice and lyrics, and Ryan of his guitar playing. Late at night with Ryan, Cashavelly would play the guitar or autoharp while singing the melodies and lyrics she'd come up with that day. Ryan would create music around her melodies and musical sketches. This was further fueled by a miscarriage, as well as the loss of Cashavelly’s father with whom she had reconciled after being estranged for many years.

Her songs are an exploration of shared grief and emphasize universal compassion for those who go unheard and unseen. Her husband Ryan supports her as she yearns to deepen her vulnerability and rebellious will in her songs, while on a backdrop of healing and empowerment.
Aaron Burdett
Aaron Burdett
"A lot of great male voices have come from North Carolina including Eric Church, James Taylor, Randy Travis and Don Williams. With the release of "Tinderbox," Aaron Burdett has proven this his name needs to added to that list." –Rick Amburgey, No Depression

"Tinderbox is amongst the best albums released in 2015"–Matt Bjorke, Roughstock.com

Aaron Burdett serves up the finest song driven Americana the North Carolina mountains has ever produced. Based in Saluda, a small town near Asheville, Aaron shares a singular perspective on the world around us, connections to places and people, and the simple pleasures of life through his heartfelt, thoughtfully crafted songs. Building on the traditions of the finest performing songwriters, Aaron's original Americana music blends folk-rock, bluegrass, and blues into a sound that's at once totally original but also comfortingly familiar. His honest songwriting pours in between hammer-on chord changes and rolling crosspicking rhythms, all the while keeping at the forefront his own unique sound and authentic voice.

His sixth full length project, Tinderbox, was released in June of 2015, recorded with his fantastic road band at Crossroads Studios for Organic Records. Produced by Tim Surrett from the award winning bluegrass group Balsam Range, it's Aaron's best work yet. Filled with songs of hope and heartache, it swells and swings from anger to resolute calm and back again as the album progresses. Amanda Platt of The Honeycutters adds just the right touch of harmony vocals on several songs.

Aaron's 5th studio album, Fruits of My Labor (also on Organic Records) was released in early 2014, and was voted the #12 release of the year by WNCW listeners. The song "Little by Little" was also ranked the #12 Americana song of 2014 in KRVM Radio's annual list for the Eugene, Oregon area.

Aaron has released four albums prior to 2014's Fruits of My Labor: Breathing Underwater in 2012, Stand Up Eight in 2010, Resolve in 2008, and The Weight of Words in 2005.

In October of 2012 Aaron's song "Going Home to Carolina" won Our State Magazine's "Carolina Songs" songwriting contest, outshining over 250 other entries in this competition judged by industry professionals including members of The Carolina Chocolate Drops and Chatham County Line. And in May 2013 Aaron's song "Magpie" won 3rd place bluegrass song in the prestigious Chris Austin Songwriting Contest at Merlefest, one of the largest and most highly regarded music festivals in the US for traditional, bluegrass, Americana, and singer-songwriter artists. Over the years Aaron has been a finalist in numerous other songwriting competitions including The Mountain Stage Songwriting Contest, The NC Songwriter's Cooperative Songwriting Contest, and the Hank Williams Songwriting Contest (from the old Flat Rock Music Festival).

Whether solo or with his band, Aaron Burdett is an artist not to miss. His songs will take you on a journey every time, and his voice will always lead you through those backroads and bring you home again.
Venue Information:
Deep South The Bar
430 S. Dawson St.
Raleigh, NC, 27601