Deep South The Bar Booking Information & Tech Specs

(Read carefully)

Deep South is an artist-driven venue. We do not sell Pizza-Shooters, Shrimp-Poppers, or Extreme-Fajitas and as a result people come to Deep South primarily because they know or are fans of the artist(s) performing on that particular night. We do not have a built-in audience. The crowd at your show will be the crowd you draw. So if you are new to the market, or do not promote your show, then you should not expect a crowd.

Deep South is an artist-friendly venue. We have professional sound, a great stage, and a friendly bar staff. Our parent company and namesake has been a record label, event production company, and artist management firm since 1995, so we appreciate all artists who have chosen to perform at our venue (many of us are musicians ourselves – and have played stages as varied as our own here at the bar, to 20,000 seat arenas). That said, we are a small venue, only 100 capacity, and as a result we view a very successful night one in which 80-100 people attend the show. Although we do a weekly blast to our mailing list of 4000+, social media, etc – it is ultimately the responsibility of the artist to make the night successful (100 people. It’s not as easy as it may seem).

Venues book bands to draw business. If you can’t fill a small room like Deep South, don’t expect to be playing a larger room anytime soon. If you’re looking for something lower-pressure or for newer artists wanting to get in easier – try one of our Open Mic Nights – Tuesdays and Wednesdays each week. Learn more here.

Before contacting us to perform, ask yourself realistically:

  • Will I be able to fill at least half of the room with my fans?

If your answer is anything other than a solid and sure “Yes”, then start thinking of other bands to team up with that can make the night a packed house with your combined fan bases.  Bring these ideas to the table upon your first contact with us.  If you do have a good draw in Raleigh, you don’t overplay the market, and you will market your show extensively, then read on…

How do I get booked to play at Deep South? Email John at

John (@)

Email is required – no phone calls to initially set up shows will be accepted.

  • What should I include in my email?
    • Band or Artist name
    • A link to your website where we can listen to music and read more about you. (website, Facebook, Reverbnation, EPK, etc… any will do fine).
    • Information about prior performances in the area, including attendance numbers, giving us an indication as to how many people you expect to draw at Deep South.
    • A general idea of the timeframe you are looking to play.  Ideally you will say something like “We are looking to play X date, or Y date as a second option, or if you don’t have either, something else within a couple months of those dates could work.”
    • Your contact information. Email and phone number, along with the name of the person we would be contacting.
    • Please DO NOT send mp3 files. It clogs up our inbox. Hopefully you have music on your website that we can listen to.  Emails with song files attached get immediately deleted without even being read.  Sorry.


  • Are you a touring artist/band?  Different considerations apply for touring vs. local bands.  Great information from a touring band would be things such as “My sister goes to NCSU and can get 40 of her sorority sisters out to the show” or “Our bassist grew up in the area so this will be sort of a homecoming show for him” or “we played in front of 150 people our last time through Raleigh at the club down the street – we’ve had dozens of people asking when we’re coming back” or most importantly: “we know a lot of local Raleigh bands and can definitely get two or three of them to jump on a show with us to make it a great night.”  If statements such as these are accurate and coming from a touring band, we will do our absolute best to get you a show!


  • Are you a local artist/band? Almost all of our shows are multi-artist bills.  A “typical” night might have 3 or 4 bands/performers.  If you are a local band wanting a date, we expect you to get involved in either recruiting or, at minimum, suggesting acts you are friends with.  It is a major red flag to us when a local band asks us to book the rest of the bands for the show.  As a staff/management team of local musicians spanning several decades combined, we’ve played every size room, venue, amphitheater and festival in the Triangle (and all over the country as well) – we’ve NEVER asked a local venue to book the rest of the bands for us.  As musicians, when we’re booking a show, we know exactly who we want to be playing with – that’s generally the main reason we’re booking the show – to share the stage with other bands we’re friends with or admire.  If you’re local and don’t have relationships with other bands you can recruit to play with, you might be a) a terrible band with no fans b) terrible people with no friends c) both.  The point of a concert is the fellowship with others and having fun and sharing your art – and we love being able to help facilitate that, but a local band that can’t build a lineup around themselves needs to go back to the drawing board in regards to several elements of what they are doing as a group.  Get out there and meet people and network and have fun – in the process you’ll be supporting the rest of the local music community as well as planting yourself firmly within that community for future endeavors.


  • So to sum up touring vs. local: A touring band with some previous affiliation with the area and/or drive to find local bands to join the bill, or a local band with more than 3 friends are the bands that will get the quickest responses from us (and every other venue!) and will almost always put together the best shows!  Thanks for existing, awesome people!


  • I sent an email. What now?

Emailing us regularly to check in doesn’t help.

Actually, it can make things worse if you email too frequently. Trust us, if we dig what you sent, we’ll be all over you. You may be a musical genius – and it’s likely you are the next Beatles – but we also need to be assured that you can draw a crowd (and keep in mind, we’re talking about a 21+ crowd.  Drink sales.  That’s what venues need to stay open). Great music and big crowds – that will get our attention.

Once you have our attention, we will do our best to get you the date you are looking for and we will email you. If you haven’t heard from us in a month (and please give us that long – we get a LOT of emails), feel free to politely check back in. We’ll be happy to revisit things.  In general, if you’ve followed all the above guidelines, you will usually be hearing from us within 24 hours.  Because we really, really like YOU.

Should I call to check in? No.  Please. There is just no reason to call our office about booking, so don’t (unless it’s an ABSOLUTE emergency about your show tonight, etc.  But even then, send an email first – we are tethered to our email at all times and will likely see it quicker than being free to take your call).  If we’re having an email conversation, let’s keep it all in one place and keep the paper trail going (we forget things easily if they aren’t written down!).


How does the money work at Deep South?  99.9% of the time, we are a standard door-deal venue.  A very fair, reasonable door-deal venue (we’ll give you the full breakdown upon first contact).  It’s quite tough for a small room with no food sales, etc. to even consider guarantees, so we generally don’t, because we’d like to stay in business.  In the words of a very reputable and respected local club owner, “Unless you have a professional booking agent, ‘guarantee’ should not even be in your band’s vocabulary” (and even then, when playing in their hometown, big bands with big booking agents often won’t talk guarantees – those are for the road only, not hometown one-offs).  Bands often don’t think about guarantees as what they truly are if you’re actually worth a guarantee: betting against yourself.  If you’re not worth your guaranteed amount, but you’re able to find someone to give it to you, then you are taking more than your actual value, and you won’t be able to make that happen for long before venues catch on that they are losing money every time you play.  If you are worth your guaranteed amount, then you’ll get just that through your door sales – and potentially more.  You will get exactly what you earned based off your draw.  Look at it from every possible angle next time before you try to negotiate a guarantee for your paid-attendance small rock club gig.  Leave the guarantee requests for the free street festivals and big corporate events, etc.


I booked a show! What next?

We would prefer you not book another show in Raleigh within a month (2-3 months or more will only help your show be HUGE.  The more spread out the better). No band can bring every one of their fans to every show booked at every venue in Raleigh. It will only split up your crowd.

    • Post your show on all the websites you use. Please be sure to link to where we will be selling advanced tickets
    • Mail 2-4 posters immediately to:
      Deep South Entertainment
      1115 Lake Wheeler Road
      Raleigh NC 27603

(Please click here to download the Deep South logo for your flyer)

Doors are at 7pm. Shows are 21+ unless negotiated in advance before your booking.

    • Specify if this is meant to be anything other than our usual 21+ policy.  We will occasionally do 18+ shows, but they need to be pitched as such from first contact, as we have different parameters for underage shows that we need to cover with you from the beginning.  Don’t expect to get an 18+ show on a weekend – we can occasionally do these on Thursdays, or MAYBE under special circumstances (ie- a very large 21+ crowd in addition to the few under 21) a rare weekend date.
    • Make every show an event. Just because you’ve booked a show doesn’t mean anyone will show up unless you heavily promote it. Utilize flyering, emails, and social networking to invite as many people as possible to your show.
    • Become familiar with our venue and calendar of upcoming shows.
  • Learn about the venue, stage size, etc. Come out to Deep South for other shows prior to your show. Meet as many people as you can and invite them to come hear you. Personal invitations go a long way.

If you read this whole page and it all sounds good, thank you – and we honestly can’t wait to work with you!

  • Technical Specifications:
    • -Allen & Heath GL2400-24 Mixing Console
    • -2 QSC HPR152i 15” Powered Speakers (flown)
    • -4 monitor mixes via 3 EV ZLX-12P 12″ Powered Speakers and 1 EV ZLX-15P 15″ Powered Speaker
    • -1 JBL JRX100 Powered Subwoofer, 1 Peavey 118D Powered Subwoofer
    • -24 channel snake
    • -Lexicon mpx550 24-bit stereo FX processor
    • -dbx DriveRack PA2
    • -2 Behringer Ultragraph Pro FBQ3102 EQ
    • -1 Audio Logic 660 Dual-Compressor / Limiter / Gate
    • -8 par 56 LED and halogen stage lights, Chauvet Obey 40 Lighting Controller
    • -All necessary DI’s, microphones, and stands
    • -88 key upright piano
    • -1 very snazzy disco ball

Stage Area:

    • -14’(w) x 10’(d) x 18”(h)
    • -No drum riser
    • -No dressing rooms
    • -Load in access next to stage from sidewalk/street